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My Winegrower Friends

I invite you to discover the wines of winegrower friends like me who are passionate about their profession, 100% committed to offering you Great Wine.

CELINE METZ, Domaine Hubert Metz

The history of our estate was built around the Cave de la Dîme from 1728. This historic cellar was the storage place for the Tithe tax until the French Revolution. A few years later, this heritage entered our family of winegrowers.

Our ancestors were all winegrowers and according to our research, we are at least the 7th generation of winegrowers to perpetuate these traditions and to continue the story of this destiny.

But one thing is certain, Céline is the first woman in this line of wine enthusiasts.


Belonging to a family of winegrowers, the Domaine de Champ-Fleury has successively followed the generations. It was in 2007 that Louis-Marie took over the reins of the vineyard, succeeding his father Pierre.

It's always with the same passion, with a taste for the real, the authentic, with a peasant spirit and distinguished that the grapes are brought to good maturity to offer fragrant, delicate and joyful wines for a consumer in search of indulgence.